Anxiety and worry can hinder the fulfillment that life has to offer everyone. Anxiety is liable to bubble up in our lives as we navigate through our day-to-day rigmarole and affect our mental health, impacting the ability to live a peaceful and enriching life. If you feel that you’re constantly worried, or have trouble finding restful sleep because your mind is racing – or if you’re experiencing panic attacks, shortness of breath, and heart problems – anxiety may be to blame. You may benefit from anxiety therapy from Wendy Iglehart. Anxiety can bare its face in a number of circumstances, including the following:
anxiety therapy

Medical Issues

Certain medical issues, as well as medical treatments, can cause anxiety. Navigating through illness can be an especially trying time, and can end up impacting your mental health. Anxiety is a completely normal reaction throughout the duration of an ailment, but it is up to you to help cope with it. Therapy can help alleviate the impacts of anxiety derived from medical issues.


Stress can stack up unexpectedly and have a serious affect on your day-to-day life. If you’re stressed at work, stressed at home, and just generally overwhelmed, you’re likely anxious. Coping with stress may be the first step in overcoming anxiety, and therapy can help you combat this.


Traumatic experiences are life altering, and can have lasting effects. One of the effects that come from a traumatic experience can be anxiety. Post traumatic stress disorder, for instance, is an extreme example of trauma leading to stress and anxiety. Talking about things can help suit you with the tools necessary to not allow your traumatic experience to cause anxiety and allow you to become empowered again.


Certain individuals may be genetically prone to experience more anxiety than others. Genetics are impossible to change, but talking about things can help alleviate the effects of anxiety, and that is something you can help change. If anxiety runs in the family, anxiety therapy may be the best solution to cope and overcome.

Drugs & Alcohol

Consuming drugs and alcohol, including prescription drugs, may lead to anxiety. These have toxins that impact your mental health and chemical balance in your brain, and can end with suffering from anxiety as a result. If you struggle with anxiety, drug and alcohol consumption may need to be addressed and changed.

Take note, this isn’t a comprehensive list of causes of anxiety. However, in any case, anxiety therapy and counseling may provide you with a path to overcome anxiety problems. If you’re struggling with anxiety, feel free to get in touch with Wendy Iglehart for anxiety therapy.