Depression comes in many forms, and sometimes, those suffering show no symptoms. In fact, it’s often for people to hide their depression which is not a good tactic and will not help overcome the condition. Wendy Iglehart is ready, willing, and more than qualified to help you battle the problems that you are facing. During your session, you will be free to express your emotions and issues in a safe environment and find the help that you need. Follow our blog for more information about therapy and tips to handle your depression in Cockeysville. Stop suffering and schedule an appointment today.

  1. Family Business

    "Your family seems rather normal," claims my therapist with a smile after my litany of complaints and reasons the holiday season sucks. I chuckled because she named my unspoken fantasy of the Norman Rockwell image of holiday celebration and gatherings.   The warmth of his paintings captures a comfort and peacefulness of generations around feasts with decorations donning the walls and fire mantle…Read More

  2. Celebrating Suicide Prevention

    The rates of suicide deaths have raised over the last ten years, immensely. This is an area that we are never excited to see growth in, and as a counselor, one that we do our absolute best to minimize. The month of September celebrates two mental health holidays that support the battle against depression. During the month, you will notice that there is both a Suicide Prevention Week as well as a S…Read More

  3. Childhood Depression

    Most of us like to think back on when we were kids and lament of how easy it was, the freedom of being young and the lack of real responsibilities. The truth of the matter is that young people suffer from depression and it is a condition that is absolutely treatable. Identifying depression in children can sometimes be difficult as the actual issue may manifest itself in a different way, such as an…Read More