As we all know, every family goes through problems from time to time. From communication issues, parenting, or handling the issues that arise during a divorce, sometimes you need outside help to strengthen the family bond. Wendy Iglehart is a licensed psychotherapist and collaborative divorce coach that provides family counseling in Cockeysville and is ready and able to help you and your family through these tough times. When you come in for a session, you will all be able to speak freely and hopefully find solutions for everyone involved. Be sure to follow our blog where you will find information that will provide further advice and tips for you and your family.

  1. Tips for Helping Your Child Through the Divorce

    While it can be painful to come to terms with, sometimes a marriage just isn’t meant to be and divorce is necessary. This can be incredibly difficult for both parties, but when a young child or children is involved, their emotions are hit the hardest and the process can send them on a rollercoaster of confusion. It’s important to help and support them through these trying times so that they un…Read More