depression therapy counselingDepression can be crippling and affect almost every aspect of your life. However, overcoming depression can be a weight off of your chest and can truly enhance the quality of your life. If you find that you feel depressed as you navigate through your day-to-day, depression therapy may aid you in regaining a healthy spectrum of emotions. Communication is an important factor in combating depression, and depression therapy can help strength and enhance mental health. Depression can be caused by a variety of factors, including all of the following:


Certain medications can cause depression through chemical imbalances. Depression is often a side-effect of prescription medications. If a prescribed medicine must be taken, depression therapy through counseling may be the most potent route to overcome depression and help combat feelings that may derive from your medications.

Personal Problems

Any number of personal problems can lead to depression. Family troubles, money woes, problems at work, and other unique issues may all lead to the development of depression. If you find that you’re constantly thinking about personal problems in your life, depression therapy may help you break the cycle. Communication is a powerful weapon to help fight depression and allow you to live happy and fulfilling life again.


Some individuals are simply genetically prone to depression. If depression runs in the family, you may want to seek depression therapy counseling to fight the impact depression can have on your life. Genetics are impossible to change, but your mentality isn’t. In counseling, we help create tools for you to utililze. This helps to empower you to fight off the grip depression can have over your life.


Losing a loved one can open a major wound and seriously impact your life and mentality. Death of a family member or a loved one can be one of the most emotionally painful experiences we encounter in a lifetime, and it can leave us depressed and confused. Therapy may aid us in coping with and overcoming loss.


Illnesses, especially serious illnesses, may cause depression. When your health is at risk, it can be difficult to remain emotionally healthy. Depression therapy may aid you in overcoming depression as you face an illness.

This certainly isn’t a comprehensive list of reasons why depression may affect you. However, in all instances, depression therapy may provide solace for anyone suffering from depression. Communicating about your feelings is a powerful way for you to combat the effects of depression. If you’re dealing with depression, get in touch with Wendy Iglehart for therapy and counseling.