Everyone feels sad and down sometimes. Whether it’s some self doubt about who you are and your abilities, missing people you care about who you haven’t seen for a while, or the end of a relationship, we all experience things and situations that put us down. We think longingly about things that we can’t control, we lose the energy for some tasks, and our thoughts can be more negative and anxious than usual. Sometimes it can even feel good to wallow somewhat in the feeling, but it’s always an aversive experience that we either want to avoid or ignore. But as we have progressed into the 21st century, we have learned a lot more about emotions and mental stability. We have learned a lot more about the feelings that define our days and our moods, we have become increasingly aware about the importance of mental health, and widespread issues many experience with it, and we have started to understand the significance of mental health issues in comparison to the more general progression of emotions.

Through this growth in understanding, we have learned crucial things that allow us to help people experiencing mental health issues. We have learned that people suffering from depression are not just “extra sad”, and we have learned that the solution is never to just “tough it out”. Depression is a very real experience for millions of people, and living with it can be absolutely debilitating for many people, if not potentially dangerous to their lives. The more we can realize it’s “realness” and severity, the more we can do to start changing things for the better. And the first step to changing things for the better is to realize that all hope is not lost. Counseling from experienced and compassionate counselors can help support people suffering from depression, giving them avenues of expression, thought, and understanding that can help them mitigate the symptoms, and even control them and take back directions over their lives. Wendy Iglehart Therapy is a big believer in the power that counseling can provide to people, and we proudly provide Depression Therapy services with that idea in mind. If you are suffering from depression or think you are, our team of counselors in Maryland can help. Keep reading to learn a bit more about depression, and how the counselors from Wendly Iglehart can help.