There may be various reservations you hold against going to therapy. However. asking yourself these questions are a very normal occurrence. Mental health is as important, if not more important, than your physical health. Below, we answer some of the common questions that race through people’s heads when it comes to deciding to seek counseling.

What is your therapeutic approach?

Utilizing an insight-oriented approach, I work with you to encourage better understanding of your feelings, thoughts and behaviors.  I am directive; meaning,  I ask leading questions, reflect your thoughts and feelings, summarizing your experiences.  Together, we will choose the best treatment method from a diverse catalog of sources. This allows me to gain a personal insight into your mental health and overall benefit your counseling experience to make it as insight and fulfilling as possible.

Does it mean I am crazy if I see a psychotherapist?

No – you are not crazy.  It takes a lot of courage to take the first step to recognize you need help and to get the help to improve the quality of your life.

So, congratulations are in order!

You may feel sad, guilty, angry, anxious, overwhelmed, confused, lonely, stuck, trapped or have a desire for isolation.

You may be struggling with racing thoughts, loss of pleasure in activities that once brought you pleasure, sense of panic, loss of control, or general unhappiness that affect your perspective on life. There may also be physical effects to dealing with mental health issues as well. Physical ailments such as, irritable bowel syndrome or headaches, irritability, insomnia or sleeping too much.

You may have increased conflicts with loved ones, decreased passion or libido and emotional distance from a loved one.

You no longer need to struggle alone.  Let’s validate your experiences and work through them together.


When do I feel better? How long will I be in therapy?

Most people report feeling better in about 12 to 15 sessions, but this is subjective to every individual’s experience. We usually meet weekly and the length of the session is 55 minutes.  Based on your individual situation and the goals of therapy, the length of treatment is increased or decreased to meet your specific needs. We work to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Do you take insurance?

I am considered an “out of network” provider in that, I do not participate on the panels of any insurance companies.  Most services that I provide are covered under major health plans.  I will provide you with an invoice of service, in order to be reimbursed directly by your insurance company.  It is recommended that you contact your insurance company to learn about the percentage of reimbursement and the approved number of authorizations per year.