Cultivate your clinical ability and self-efficacy.

Welcome to clinical supervision, a valuable component in your professional, personal, and career development.  My role as your supervisor will be to facilitate the development of your, “professional counselor” identity and competency as a therapist dealing with various types of mental health issues. Dealing with individual’s depression and a variety of other mental health issues is an imperative part of your development as a psychotherapist, and Wendy Iglehart is ready to help you become successful in doing so. 

Supervision will include (but not limited to):

  • Create, facilitate, and establish a professional relationship.
  • Assist in conceptualizing and exploring individual cases.
  • Teach differential diagnosis.
  • Guide counseling techniques and application of theoretical orientation.
  • Review case notes and documentation.
  • Model, review, and practice ethical and professional conduct.
  • Provide ongoing feedback.
  • Evaluate.

Professional Fees:

  • Weekly face-to-face individual meetings – $100 per hour.
  • Monthly group meetings (if available) – $80 per hour.

Requirements to Participate in LGCP Supervision:

  • Successful completion of National Counselor Exam.
  • Certificate of liability coverage with specific dates of coverage and coverage limits. (must be provided prior to supervision)

Supervision Documents